Advanced Warfare ‘Reckoning’ DLC – Gameplay of all 4 new Multiplayer Maps

Earlier today Activision announced the fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Reckoning, and you can check out the reveal trailer here if you missed it. Before the reveal, a selection of YouTubers went hands-on with the new maps, bringing us a host of new multiplayer footage.

Reckoning comes packed with four new multiplayer maps; Overload – an exotic compound in downtown New Baghdad, Quarantine – an island set after a deadly viral outbreak, Fracture – an excavation site set in the cold temperatures of the arctic, and Swarm – a reconstruction of the Seoul city in South Korea. There’s also the new Exo Zombies map, Descent, which takes place at a remote facility out in the ocean, but we’ll have to wait for some gameplay videos for that map.

Check out a roundup of the new multiplayer maps in action below.

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