Red Dead Redemption Remastered leaked?

With the release of this image, it looks like there might be a chance at getting another Red Dead Redemption game even if it is a Remastered it would give the 2010 game a nice coat of paint and possibly some new features or things to do. While it’s not confirmed that it’s actually real, I doubt anyone would really say no to a remaster of such a classic game that really defined a large open world game, especially in a western setting.

Back in 2014 however, Rockstar did tease a little bit about Red Dead Redemption and said to stay tuned for announcements in 2015. Could this be what they were talking about?



  1. psyrakan says:

    Watch out Anti resmasted clan in coming

  2. SgtPepper1806 says:

    I know it’s fake. But my God I don’t want it to be…

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