‘Multiple projects in development’ from Xbox studio Rare

Aaron Greenberg, a marketing director at Microsoft, joined the Inner Circle Podcast as a guest to talk all things gaming and Xbox. One of the most interesting things mentioned concerns one of Microsoft’s flagship first-party studios, Rare.

According to Greenberg, Rare has “multiple projects in development” and the team at Microsoft “feel really good about them.” He also states that while they’ve not announced anything that Rare is currently working on, they’re “going through the process of preparing to unveil their next things.” Of course it isn’t exactly news that a games developer is working on an unannounced project, but confirming that multiple projects are in the pipeline gives us a nice anticipation of things to come.

Since 2010, Rare have primarily worked on the Kinect Sports franchise. Long-time fans of the studio, which delivered hits such as Conker, Banjo-Kazooie and the original Killer Instinct, have often expressed their disappointment at how the studio has been used in recent years. It was only last year that head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, stated in an interview with IGN that he was interested in seeing the studio develop a “uniquely Rare game, as it should be.”

When the announcements likely come in the months ahead, it will be interesting seeing whether Rare has been working on more Kinect sequels, new IP, or remakes of fan-favourites. The developer’s Battletoads franchise, for instance, is one series that has been rumoured to make a comeback.

Source: Inner Circle Podcast (via VideoGamer)


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