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Splatoon – Wii U

Check out this new IP from Nintendo!
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Kirby and the Rainbow…

Check out the new Kirby game on Wii U!
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Xenoblade Chronicles X

Check out Wii U gameplay and screenshots of Xenoblade Chronicles X!
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Super Smash Bros 50-Fact…

Check out a bunch of new info/facts about Super Smash Bros for Wii U!
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Bayonetta 2 screenshots

Check out some screenshots from Bayonetta 2!
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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire…

A new Pokemon release, even though it's a remake of Ruby and Sapphire good things came from Pokemon remakes…
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Mario Kart 8 soundtrack

Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack is here and it has some pretty great songs!
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Super Smash Bros. Melee…

Interested in Competetive Super Smash Brothers? Take a look!
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Hulu Plus now available…

Nintendo announced today that Hulu Plus is now available for the 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS handhelds. Owner’s can…
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Wii U weekly sales…

Last June, Nintendo was surprisingly candied during interviews discussing the slow customer attach rate with their latest home console;…
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Video of the day

Madden 16 Gameplay!