Uncharted 3 All DLC maps now free and patch 1.18 details

It’s the two year anniversary of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Naughty Dog wants to celebrate by making all DLC maps available FREE to download. This includes, Flashback Map Packs 1 & 2, Drake’s Deception Map Pack and a brand new map called Dry Docks (screenshot below).

Uncharted 3 thumb

Naughty Dog is also releasing patch 1.18. This final patch includes a list of changes that rival even the former 1.13 patch. It will include a slew of changes that address some balance and matchmaking issues in multiplayer. Some changes will fufill community needs and others aren’t exactly what some would expect but aim to better the multiplayer component moving forward.

Some changes to Weapons have been made. “Hipfire accuracy has been reduced for all weapons along with the angle and distance at which the auto lock engages. But Blindfire from cover has not been changed”. Rate of Fire has been tweaked for some weapons and Recoil has been adjusted for some including the M9, FAL-SS, G-MAL, Raffica and Tau Sniper.

Gameplay has been modified. Sprint maneuverability has been reduced, score limit in Deathmatch has been increased and changes have been made in the Matchmaking process. “Multiple steps have been added during the matchmaking process to help find games with lower ping. Wait times to find matches during off peak hours may increase”. Personally I’m looking forward to the later as I’ve had problems connecting online with friends ever since patch 1.13.

Medal Kickbacks and Boosters have been tweaked on top of numerous other changes. For the full list of patch 1.18 details and changes you can check out the official write up here.

Naughty Dog is also offering major discounts on some select multiplayer items. Check the in-game store and Playstation Store to see what’s on sale in your specific region. These discounts are only available for a short time and will end November 4, 2013.

SOURCE Naughty Dog

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