Titanfall may support Oculus Rift

The much anticipated game Titanfall by Respawn entertainment might have a bonus feature up it’s sleeve for pc gamers. In a tweet by Respawn, it stated that they had just received an Oculus Rift development kit at the studio and that it was “really neat to play with”. Although it’s not in the works just yet, Respawn did not rule out the possibility of the VR headset’s use for Titanfall in the future. The Oculus Rift, as stated in a previous post is said to be focused on PC and Mobile device usage although it also has not ruled out console but has said it’s not their focus at the moment. The endless possibilities of playing Titanfall with a VR headset are very exciting though. The idea of being able to run, jump and boost with a pilot or hop into the titan and operate the massive 20 foot machine while actually feeling as if you are in it are mind-blowing. Let’s hope Respawn thinks so too.

Titanfall Gameplay Screenshot

TitanFall Pic 3

Oculus Rift

oculus rift

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