Rockstar Games begins teasing an upcoming Red Dead reveal

Rockstar Games sure know how to build hype for a game announcement. It’s nearly five years to the day that they announced Grand Theft Auto V, a simple hashtag and logo sending the internet into meltdown. Now they have another trick up their sleeves…

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the publisher uploaded a very simple logo to their social media channels. For any newcomers to gaming, a red variant of the Rockstar logo is nothing to shout about. But for others, it’s quite clear that the background is referring to one thing only – the Red Dead series. This was further backed up today with a new image, this time adding seven western-themed characters to the background. It seems likely that Rockstar will continue adding to the picture over the coming days leading to an official announcement and trailer.

After a good four years of supporting Grand Theft Auto V and its online mode in particular, the imminent reveal of a new title from Rockstar Games is certainly a welcoming development. Released six years ago, Red Dead Redemption went on to receive critical acclaim and many consider it one of the best games of last-gen. Speculation of a new Red Dead title heated up earlier this year with a potential leak of the game’s map and rumours of a prequel setting.

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