Rocksmith 2014

Now here is a genuinely respectable undertaking from the folks at Ubisoft, who have apparently achieved a great success.  Taking a popular idea such as rock band or guitar hero to the next level, Rocksmith is a game designed to teach players something about music.  So instead of sitting down and effectively killing hours on end by participating in “monkey see, monkey do” type gameplay, Rocksmith allows the player to actually take away knowledge and real world skills.  Rocksmith 2014 is scheduled to drop this month, and has made vast improvements from the last edition of the franchise.  Some of the new additions include being able to set your own difficulty (as opposed to having to play through the songs multiple times to unlock all the notes), finger positioning for chords, master mode, and a redesigned interface making navigation through the menu much simpler.  Check out the video below and hear what professionals have to say about this highly anticipated game, and the possibilities that come with it.

Source: Playstation

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