Mass Effect 3 DLC To Come With Calibur 11 Collectors Edition Vault

Calibur11 are pleased to reveal DLC content for their upcoming Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Vault. The current multiplayer section of the Mass Effect™3 demo gives gamers their first look at Calibur11’s exclusive Mass Effect™3 Vault Reinforcement Pack upgrade and customisation system.  Calibur11 and EA’s collaboration on the release of the Collector’s Edition Mass Effect™3 Vault, with its extra content, will be available on 9th March for both the Xbox 360© and PlayStation 3© slim.

The Vault’s Reinforcement Packs contain a wide variety of character race and class unlocks, weapons and weapon modifications, ammo, power and health consumables, and more must have extras for all Mass Effect™ fans. There are two ways for players to earn Reinforcement Packs for use in the multiplayer demo: via in-game credits earned by completing objectives in the demo co-op missions or by participation in the Mass Effect™3 Recruitment Program.

This Collector’s Edition Mass Effects™3 Vault armours up your console to show Commander Shepard at his best. His chest piece bares the worldly recognised ‘N7 logo’ and comes with its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity and code that can be redeemed for the bonus items in Mass Effect™3 Multiplayer experience.

As a high-end console case, the engineering team at Calibur11 have ensured that the Vault promotes cooling of consoles for optimal performance, providing superior airflow by lifting the console off the ground, allowing the fan to work at its best ability. In addition, it features a controller/headset cradle and a light up N7 logo.

RRP £69.99
Release 9th March 2012
Format Xbox360© slim / PlayStation 3© slim

[Source-Lunch PR Press Release]

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