Madden NFL 13 update out now with details

New Features

– Introduces ‘Madden Ultimate Team’ (MUT) enhancements
– Save up to five different lineups and change between them
– More “nuanced” roster management, geared towards MUT
– Sort rosters by specific positions (‘Offensive Line’, ‘Defensive Secondary’) instead of just ‘Offense’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Special Teams’
– Roster segments will show starters and players on the bench
– Display every ratings boost equipped to your team via “Boosts Screen”
– Two minute quarters in MUT added
– Bonuses for completing a card collection
– EA rep: “What we’re really striving for is aiming these title updates not just at bug fixes, but adding brand-new content so people feel like they’re constantly getting a new game experiences.”

Bug Fixes

– Fixed bug where Connected Careers panel in main menu is blank
– Fixed exploit in Madden Ultimate Team Solo Challenges where players were using frozen kick meter to run out the clock
– Fixed issue in Panthers playbook where Shotgun formation was properly displaying
– Fixed squib kick exploit
– Fixed exploit that allowed MLB to get instant pressure when in a specific position with a specific coverage called
– Fixed bug when reviewing a friend’s depth chart in Madden Ultimate Team
– Fixed erroneous screen telling Madden Ultimate Team players EA servers were unavailable when an opponent signed out before progressing to the loading screen
– Fixed issue where replaying completed Solo Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team consumed contracts
– Fixed issue where Connected Careers offline depth chart would reset after each game when player used imported My Madden roster
– Fixed issue where users could not save edits to existing NFL players whose names were flagged as profane.
– Fixed exploit where Madden Ultimate Team users who were kicked out a match for grieving were still granted 800 coins
– Fixed a menu display bug in Madden Ultimate Team matchmaking screen


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