Scuf Infinity1 announced

Scuf Gaming launches Infinity1, giving gamers the power to interchange thumbsticks, grips and paddles on the fly.

Scuf Gaming innovation takes yet another leap forward! Five years after creating a new market space for professional customized controllers, Scuf Gaming again leads the way by introducing the SCUF Infinity1 for use on Xbox One and PC. Designed to offer infinite levels of customization, YOU ‘the gamer’ can fully interchange key areas of function, feature and design and all on the fly!

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming, says, “After substantial investment and over 14 months of research and development on Project Infinity1, we’re proud to offer even more flexibility and innovative features to our community. This project was all about focusing on key areas of a controller which undergo the most wear and tear. By making the controller modular, we empower the user to replace features like thumbsticks, dpad, grips and paddles on the fly, while maintaining a delicate balance of comfort and finish; similar to racing car wheels and suspension!”

SCUF Infinity1 offers several patented and patent pending features to include:

SCUF Infinity1 logo white gradient

NEW Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area
• Change out thumbsticks in a few seconds without removing any screws
• Various lengths, shapes and colors to suit all hand sizes and style of gameplay

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Rings
• Fully removable and customizable
• Use of high grade self-lubricating materials provides a pro-grade finish offering improved smoothness, life and feel of thumbsticks

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Paddle Control System
• Fully modular and interchangeable with no screws
• Various heights and shapes of SCUF paddles
• Choose 0,1, 2, 3 or 4 SCUF paddles – change on the fly

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Pro Edition Switches
• Layered gold on circuits and new switches for increased actuation life
• Improved haptic feedback

SCUF Adjustable Hair Trigger & Pro Grip Handles
• Interchangeable for full or reduced trigger movement
• High grade contoured grip in multiple colors
• SCUF Key externally adjusts triggers to suit your gameplay

SCUF EMR Technology
• Remap on the fly with SCUF Electro Magnetic Remapping. Any paddle = Any face button

• SCUF Infinity1 enables YOU to express yourself on the fly, anytime – no limits

SCUF Infinity1 will launch early Q3 2015 with price starting at $119.95. For additional information about Scuf Gaming, please visit

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