Mass Effect 3: Citadel – Impressions

So being a Mass Effect fan, I of course own all of the games and DLC. As for this new dlc the “Citadel” DLC it sure is, well… different to say the least.

Lets start off what to expect with this DLC. I’d estimate a general playthrough of this DLC would be around an added 4 or so hours, for those achievement 100% guys you may be here for a while. It also adds a few new guns (Two if I’m not mistaken) and a bunch of new weapon attachments. As expected on a expansion that focuses around a shore leave for the crew of the Normandy you will be spending a good bit of time with them and yourself! easily hours of dialogue for those who like to get to know your squad mates more and if you want the most out of the content I would recommend using a save that comes after the Geth and Quarian war missions and NPCs you have romanced WILL affect this DLC somewhat significantly.

Now lets talk about some of this DLC more in depth. First off like I said it is no normal Mass Effect DLC. Whoever at Bioware came up with this one had a funny bone for sure. I must have had cracked up laughing easily 10+ times during this DLC. As far as the combat part of this don’t expect too much of a challenge I think the hardest part however was for once a boss encounter and that’s nice for a change instead of the hardest part being 6 ATLAS mechs in your face. Also coming in this DLC is an arcade to satisfy your simple gaming needs including a claw game (I swear its rigged!). On the Sunset strip there is of course a casino for your gambling needs with Quasar, Roulette and, a game somewhat like blackjack. Last but for sure NOT least the Armax Arena, somewhat like the multi-player part of Mass Effect but shorter and benefits your single-player. Can reward cash and eventually an armor. But the best part is you get the option to use ANY squad mate (Still alive in your playthrough ME1-3) that includes DLC characters like Zaeed and Katsumi as well as everyone else from Miranda to Grunt. Armax Arena includes the HARDEST challenge in the game as well. Think your good fighting off reapers? Well we all know the thing that kills a reaper is Commander Shepard… try fighting 3 AT ONCE.

Needless to say from here this DLC is jammed pack full of content. Bioware did an amazing job this time around. For sure worth $14.99, 1200MS points and 1200 BW points however your playing this game. A fitting end to Mass Effect 3 and I can for sure say my favorite Mass Effect DLC.

P.S. If you havent tried the Multi-player in a while, download all of the free Multi-player DLC and check it out. We might even bump into each other I’m having so much fun on there currently!

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