Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – ‘Why We Run’ Launch Trailer

If you can’t wait to jump back into the parkour world of Faith like us then you’ll want to check out the launch trailer just released today! Available on June 7, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst sees players take control of Faith once more as she looks to overthrow the corporations ruling the futuristic city called Glass. The environment is now more open world, combat has seen an overhaul and players will need to upgrade certain skills such as movement techniques.

“Times are about to change in the city of Glass. Barely out of juvenile detention, skilled Runner Faith Connors stirs things up with the city’s Conglomerate and the evil Gabriel Kruger. Faith is forced to start running for something far more important than herself.

“Experience the origin story of Faith and master her momentum to traverse the city and fight back against the oppressive powers. Exploring the pristine city districts you’ll discover new friends, exciting missions, and hidden secrets. With Social Play you can challenge your friends by creating time trials among the rooftops.”

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