Rumor: GTA V Heists coming Dec 23rd with Holiday update

According to a user who has leaked previous GTA V information heists might be coming to GTA V this year! People have been waiting quite a while for heists and they might arrive just in time for the holiday season as a nice gift to the players!

The following features will be included in the 2014 ‘Holiday Season DLC’ update:

Gradient Controlled Snow (More snow on the pavement on Christmas morning then at the end of Christmas day – this means the roads will become more icey during the day – this applies to current-generation only – old generation will have normal snowfall

8 Christmas-themed clothing items (Scarf, t-shirt, suit jacket, pumps and suit trousers)

1 Limited Time Christmas Apartment Interior (This feature applies to next generation only – old generation will get discounts on selected apartments instead)

1 Exclusive Cops and Crooks Mission (Part of the Heists and Holiday Season DLC)

Red Sky effect during snowfall (next-generation effect only)

This DLC will release with the Heist DLC on December 23rd 2014 for all platforms!

UPDATE: Heists will come with more then 1 mission, but the Holiday DLC will follow with a bonus one.

Source: NillxModz

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