Nintendo Creators Program Starts Open Beta

If you make videos on YouTube you certainly have been hit with the old content ID claims by 3rd party companies and lost the ability to make revenue on that video. Nintendo has not always embraced YouTube content of their games and have hit several bit YouTubers with content claims to the point where most YouTubers shy away from making any videos from Nintendo branded games.

We have heard rumblings from Nintendo for a while about a Creators Program where revenue from claimed videos would be shared between the creator and Nintendo and now details and a way to sign up are now available. The beta is currently offering 60 percent of ad revenue for individual videos attached to the program, and 70 percent for channels. Nintendo will calculate revenue shares on a monthly basis before sending them out to video creators via Paypal. Furthermore, videos and channels have to be approved by Nintendo before the company begins doling out the cash, and Nintendo says that process can take up to three business days.

There is no official word on when the service will be offered to everyone publicly but if you make Nintendo related YouTube videos, now is the time to try and get into the beta.  You can sign up by clicking the link below.


Nintendo Creators Program Beta Sign Up –

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