Listings suggest that Fallout 4 is launching this year (Plus 9 Screenshots)

It’s looking increasingly like Fallout 4 will be out this year, if retailer listings are anything to go on.

Usually big titles like Fallout would have a long marketing campaign, enabling the publisher to squeeze as much hype out of fans as possible. However, it looks like that won’t necessarily be the case for Fallout 4. From this week’s reveal, we can already see that Bethesda are not holding back on showing us exactly what they’ve been working on for these past few years. They could easily have announced one of the industry’s most anticipated games via a cinematic trailer or a teaser, but nope, instead we were treated with a 3 minute in-engine trailer and 9 glorious screenshots.

With the game now announced, retailers have already begun maximizing on the hype by opening pre-orders. First of all, Bethesda’s own store even highlighted the game as a 2015 release, before simply being changed to ‘TBA’. Other retailers have followed suit, including Amazon, GameStop and GMG. EB Games AU has also sent out a promo email which again specifically mentions that the game is coming this year.

Retailers are known for using placeholder dates to make sure their eCommerce systems list the products successfully, but they do tend to get information on release timeframes. Bethesda’s own store mentioning a 2015 date is the strongest indication so far, and all signs certainly seem to point to Fallout 4 launching this year. A October or November 2015 launch certainly seems very likely at the moment.

Bethesda promises that Fallout 4’s world premiere will happen during their E3 showcase, which takes place on Sunday, June 14 at 7pm PDT. Considering they’ve debuted gameplay at E3 previously, and due to how quick they seem to be revealing Fallout 4 details, we can probably expect a gameplay demo to appear. It also seems likely that we’ll hear of a solid launch timeframe during the event.

Bethesda has also released 9 official HQ screenshots of the game, which you can check out below.

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