Grand Theft Auto V PC graphics options and new screenshots revealed

PC Gamer has went hands-on with Grand Theft Auto V on PC running at 4k resolution and 60 frames-per-second. As part of their time playing the game, they were able to take note of a number of options which will allow players to tweak their graphics or controls, either to enhance their gameplay or to improve the performance of their system.

A host of new screenshots direct from Rockstar Games, as well as screencaps of the option menus from PC Gamer, have also been released. You can check out the list of options and new images below.

Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PC next Tuesday and includes all of the downloadable content and updates released so far, including a new radio station.

  • Video memory slider: shows you how much video memory is being used in MB.
  • Ignore suggested limits option: game detects your setup automatically, but you can push your system further if you like.
  • Options for screen type, aspect ratio and refresh rate.
  • DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3
  • Anti-aliasing: FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA supported.
  • Pause game on focus loss.
  • Scaling bars for population density, population variety and distance scaling.
  • Texture quality: normal to very high.
  • Shader quality: normal to very high.
  • Shadow quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection MSAA
  • Water quality: normal to very high.
  • Particles quality: normal to very high.
  • Grass quality: normal to very high.
  • Soft shadows options: softer, softest, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS
  • Post FX options: up to ultra.
  • Motion blur strength: scaling bar.
  • In-game depth of field effects: on/off.
  • Anisotropic filtering: up to x16 .
  • Ambient occlusion options.
  • Tesellation options.
  • Advanced graphics
    • Long shadows: on/off.
    • High resolution shadows: on/off.
    • High detail streaming while flying: on/off.
    • Extended distance scaling bar.
    • Extended shadow distance bar.
    • Benchmark testing.

Source: PC Gamer and VG247

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