Bethesda tease Nazi zombies return for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Bethesda has teased in a new Vine the potential return of Nazi zombies to the Wolfenstein franchise. The Vine shows a sequence of zombified Nazi soldiers and remind us than the new adventures in the franchise launches next month. Zombies have featured in previous Wolfenstein titles, including the Return to Castle Wolfenstein which was released in 2001.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Tuesday, May 5th.  The Old Blood will provide players with a new two-part story in the form of a standalone downloadable package rather than as a DLC pack for 2014’s The New Order. One of the missions will see the player cross paths with a Nazi archaeologist intent on unleashing a dark and ancient power by exhuming mysterious artifacts, which is where we assume the zombie story would come into play.

Check out the Vine teaser below.

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