Battlefield Hardline BETA: Default Loadouts & Recommendations

There are still four classes for this next Battlefield entry. With a bit of different naming they stay pretty much the same. Here we are going to go into what will help you get at the start and your possible next purchases of primary weapons to get most bang out of your buck early game!

Crimi Loadouts  Screenshot 2015-02-01 21-32-17

Operator: Still your Carbine or Assault rifle wielding medic, however I’ve found this to be my home instead of the Engineer class from old. The healing is strong and the guns even stronger. You’re a force to be reckoned with and with a team that can come back to life so are they! You will start with a RO933 a fairly average carbine that is a bit too inaccurate for me. I knew that had to go ASAP. My first purchase was the Criminals AKM, it was cheaper than an M16A4 for the Cops and is a amazing gun for the price. I stuck a Kobra sight on it and called it a day until I unlocked the M416 afterwards and knew I was in love. So for Criminals I’d reccomend the AKM and Cops the M416 even if it’s pricey if you’re playing operator a lot it’s worth it 110%. Other purchases should include your Defibrillator/Revive (one unlocks the other no worry about paying twice!).

Loadouts  Screenshot 2015-02-01 21-30-49

Mechanic: Well, Mechanic is loaded out with the option of SMGS only and while I’ve not played that much the Mechanic class, the MP5k that you start with is still a stellar gun. A very high ROF and a suppressor you’re strong in close range combat just don’t be expecting to get people across the map. A good upgrade from both is for Cops the K10 and the Criminals the P90. Both guns really support their previous incarnations legacy. Other purchases might include the Armored Insert and Satellite phone or repair tool depending on your main game mode.

Loadouts  Screenshot 2015-02-01 21-31-14

Enforcer: Your teams lovely meat shield and shotgun wielding maniac. The default gun you get is the 870 Magnum and it is incredibly strong. One shot will take down anyone within a pretty decent range. Your options for other weapons if you like shotguns I would reccomend the Spas-12 and 37 Stakeout, as for the Battle Rifles, I can’t really say too much as I don’t own any of them nor have I really seen them used. For other purchaces I would say never get rid of that lovely ammo box as people do actually run out of ammo, however the Breaching charge of course a classic and the shield can be quite helpful in Heist.

Crimi Loadouts  Screenshot 2015-02-01 21-33-28

Professional: If you’re the sniper type the Professional is you. Starting armed with a Scout Elite you’re already a potent force, already having a straight pull you’re firing off shots with rapid succession and should be able to easily take down multiple opponents per magazine in 2 shots or less each. Your options for other weapons include more Bolt action sniper rifles and Semi-auto sniper rifles. I’ve still yet to see a Semi-auto rifle used unfortunately but I’ve heard good things about them. Very similar story with the other snipers but as you only have one choice of upgrade before you unlock the third with a pretty hard assignment, you’re choice is almost already made on bolt actions. As for gear, laser tripmines are amazing and I would recommend keeping them as for the next purchase your camera works similar to the TUGS but in a cone so be careful how you place it, the Grappling hook is also a good investment as some spots are only reachable to snipe from with that utility.


  1. MasonRyan says:

    When Can I purchase the m416 or M16a3

  2. YahooSnowcaver says:

    I’ve found the semi auto sniper rifles very effective against helicopters and vehicles,empty your magazine into them and they blow up,very satisfying

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