Why Right Now is the Best Time to Be a Content Creator

A quick youtube search of “Call of Duty WW2” on youtube will get you about 6,600,000 results on YouTube alone. Combine that with streaming services such as Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Gaming and you have a plethora of different content creators varying in age, playstyles, and type of content. With all of these content creators, many think that in today’s age, where almost anyone can create a video and upload it on a website like YouTube within minutes, it is almost impossible to get noticed.


It’s not.


In fact, right now is the best time to be a content creator. While many will just read this and think nothing of it, I encourage you to keep reading, whether an aspiring content creator, or just a fan of games in general. While many of the more popular content creators come from the early days of YouTube, many new content creators rise in popularity every day. The problem isn’t that there are so many new creators, it’s the motivation, and mental factors.


Today, everyone is trying to be the next “Pewdiepie”, the next “Jacksepticeye”, the next “Seananners”. Instead of trying to imitate their personalities, what new content creators should be doing like them is copying how they started. All of the three YouTubers I mentioned didn’t try to be anyone else but themselves. Today we associate success on platforms like YouTube with these channels, and everyday new creators try to be just like them.


Recently I listened to Markus Frieske’s “The Creator’s Toolkit” a podcast that is designed to help aspiring content creators start off and grow. In a segment he talks about being “Real” giving the example that you as a content creator should be yourself, not anyone else, and that success is built on originality, and even if you were to fake your way to success, eventually it would take a toll on you as viewers would see someone you’re not. He goes over many points in his short podcasts, which you can find a link to by clicking here, but the main point is simple and clear: Be Yourself.


Success won’t ever come overnight, if creating content is something you’re truly passionate about, keep working, keep being yourself, keep producing as often you can at the best quality you can without completely straining yourself. Eventually, if you produce content regularly and with watchable quality, the viewers will come, someone will notice you.


Now is the easiest time to create content. Companies like Elgato Gaming are making it easier and easier everyday. With new technology such as their Stream Deck, green screen, and 4k capture card, content creating is the easiest it has ever been.

While there are many new creators than the early stage of the commentary and video games on YouTube, if you be yourself and continue working even if the numbers don’t instantly show, you have already separated yourself from thousands of other creators, and one day, it will be your turn to shine.


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