Wii U weekly sales rise 93% after price drop

Last June, Nintendo was surprisingly candied during interviews discussing the slow customer attach rate with their latest home console; the Wii U. With a plan of attack focusing on a consistent flow of first party exclusive titles to start late this past summer, both fans and skeptics have been awaiting the outcome of Nintendo’s approach in revitalizing the brand.

Starting with “Pikmin 3,” there was a glimmer of hope for the Wii U as the title did top charts for a short while in select regions while boosting hardware sales. That steam was quickly snuffed out, however, when Nintendo completely dropped the ball in marketing the fantastic “The Wonderful 101” later in the summer, leading to an absolute bomb in sales numbers.

Well Nintendo fans, you may have some reasons to smile this week as hardware sales numbers have come in. These hardware numbers include the newly price dropped “The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker HD” bundle, and show quite the jump in numbers in comparison to pre-price drop units.

What kind of jump, you might ask? How about a 93% increase across the board, with final hardware sales numbers reaching 83,504. Now, it’s important to note that Nintendo is no where close to being out of the water just yet, but it’s a start. With a positive increase and interest in first party exclusives, it could only mean more growth of the brand later this year as Nintendo will be releasing another sales juggernaut: “Super Mario 3D World.”



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