Xbox One and PC Cross-Network Play coming to Rocket League today

As announced earlier this year, Xbox One cross-network play is coming to Rocket League today!

With this new feature, Xbox One and PC players will be able to matchmake and play with or against each other. The update will be available beginning at 3pm PDT (6pm EDT/10pm UTC) and players can choose to opt out by disabling the cross-network functionality in the Options menu.

Today’s update will be the first time that Xbox One players are able to matchmake with Steam PC users and Rocket League is expected to be the first of many games to support the feature. Microsoft announced in March their support for cross-network play with PC and other console networks, although there’s been no word on this including PlayStation 4 as of yet. PC cross-play for Rocket League has been available on PlayStation 4 since it launched last July.

Source: Xbox Wire

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