TwitchCon 2015 Keynote Announcements

Twitch App for PlayStation

This fall we’ll be launching a full-featured Twitch app for you on PlayStation. You can use our new apps to access all the games and broadcasters you love, across Vita, PS3 and PS4.


Whispers 2.0

This October, your whisper conversations are getting a makeover! No need to worry that your whisper was lost in global chat. Whispers now live in their own individual docked windows alongside a comprehensive list of all your whisper conversations. And it gets better. Whisper conversation history will be saved forever. Stop and start your whisper conversations whenever you please.


Create a Video Playlist

Create a playlist featuring your favorite past broadcasts and highlights. Turn your channel into a 24/7 viewing experience where your fans can watch and chat about your content whether you’re live or offline.

In the further future, Twitch is planning to add a few other, updates to functionality. Some are pretty huge such as a full HTML5 Video Player (Akin to what YouTube has now that runs much smoother) as well as the ability to upload videos to Twitch as you would to Youtube. So if you now have a successful Twitch channel, you may find it more beneficial to upload your videos to Twitch versus Youtube now, however only time will tell if it becomes as successful as YouTube for video watching or will be a little bit of a flop like YouTubes attempt at adding streaming services to their platform. Another smaller update, will be adding custom thumbnails to your past broadcasts and highlights (Again like YouTube currently does with normal videos.)

Video of the day

Madden 16 Gameplay!