‘The Order: 1886’ new details

A few new details about The Order: 1886 were posted on the PlayStation Blog earlier today. You can find the latest information covering the game’s world below.

– Team wanted to make the environment believable as possible while adding their own twist to real places
– Neo-Victorian London will seem familiar to everyone, but advances in technology will take center stage in many ways as you navigate the city
– Ex: advent of electricity throughout the city, well before its time
– Electric street lights replace gas lamps
– Hear the hum of electricity running through the city
– London subway system is present, but it is much more advanced than it was in real life
– Certain sections run above ground in between buildings throughout the city
– Electric signs line the streets making some areas of London almost look like Time Square
– Will see familiar sights of Big Ben, St. Paul’s and the Tower Bridge
– However, the skyline is broken up by watch towers
– Their searchlights are always scanning the city and the skies
– Skyline also has airship mooring towers
– London is patrolled day and night by a squadron of dirigibles called the Sentinels
– The Order’s Industrial Revolution has provided mankind to take the upper hand in a centuries-old war
– Mankind now has access to advanced weapons including a rifle that can fire electricity
– Converse with your squad through communicators
– A thermite gun allows you to shoot a cloud of inflammable thermite that can be ignited by a flame or by shooting a flare into it
– Will still find traditional powder guns


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