The Order: 1886 Feature in Next GameInformer

Game Informer has announced that Ready at Dawn’s, “The Order: 1886” will be featured as a cover story in the magazines November issue.  Hopefully they will fill us in with a background to the story along with screenshots and more information regarding the upcoming title.  From the initial trailers which have been released, the game looks intriguing to say the least.  In a different version of the 19th century, we have characters who possess what look like extremely advanced weaponry, supernatural powers, and a horde of unknown creatures in a European or colonial setting.  The trailer presents a dark and ominous atmosphere which could be the fantasy/horror love child of Philip K. Dick and H.P. Lovecraft.  Be sure to stay posted for updates on “The Order: 1886”, and be sure to pick up the November issue of Game Informer.


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