‘The Order: 1886’ is part Arthurian legend, part horror

The Order: 1886 wowed audiences when it was unveiled at E3, but Ready at Dawn’s PlayStation 4 exclusive has remained elusive with sparse new information since. However new details in the latest issue of Game Informer explain how this new IP is a unique blend of Knights of the Round Table, horror, and historical fiction.

As a player you are thrust into the adventure as a member of the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur’s legendary 5th century order, to fight “half breeds” which are a result of human evolution splintering around the 7th or 8th century. In this fiction, King Arthur founded his infamous order specifically to fend off the half-breeds. The knights use a mysterious substance to prolong their life, and each time a knight falls, their apprentice takes over and usually takes their name as well. You control Sir Galahad, the third knight to take on the name. At the time of the game, humans are winning the war and the half-breeds are approaching extinction.

In gameplay it’s a third-person shooter. The alternate-history setting offers Ready at Dawn the freedom to create technology and weapons far beyond what should be in the time period, and the camera has been designed to simulate an actual camera following the player. Even more impressively is the fact that Ready at Dawn also boasted that the impressive visuals we saw in the E3 trailer were not a CG movie but in fact were done using in-game models and effects.

“The game itself is a mix of all these moments that basically take you on a ride of adventure, suspense and horror,” The Order: 1886 Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya said to Game Informer.

Needless to say this is rapidly becoming one of my most anticipated games for the PS4, the whole backdrop is fascinating and Ready at Dawn has proven themselves quality developers in the past. I can’t wait for new info and the moment when gameplay is shown off for the first time.

What are your feelings? Are you a fan of the alternate-history narrative? Could this be the PS4’s next big original IP? Share your thoughts below in the comments!


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