Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Garden Variety Pack Free DLC

A pretty big DLC for PvZ:GW is coming and it’s free!

Central to the update is Chomp Town, a small 8v8 urban map that’s reminiscent of hardcore shooter downtown arenas, in which fast-paced, close-quarter combat is the norm, and death comes often and from every direction.

Chomp Town is just as colorful as the rest of Garden Warfare’s wacky world of goofy zombies and warmongering plantlife. Multi-level restaurants and shops sit close by graffiti-sprayed back alleys, with tons of sharp corners and run-routes between open killing arenas.

The map has been designed around a new mode called Gnome Bomb. It’s an Obliteration-like game in which each side seeks to secure a bomb (strapped to the back of a hapless gnome) and detonate the device at bases. This encourages an ever-shifting locus of intense combat surrounded by mini-battles, as each side, zombies and plants, seek to win the upper hand.

A phalanx of unlockable new powers available to all classes is also being unveiled. Each class gets three new powers, which are generally more intense versions of their standard abilities. On the whole, weapons, defenses and movement bonuses become more effective but at the cost of instability, charge-up times and longevity.




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