Overview of “Curse of Osiris – New Stories to Tell” Stream

On November 15th, Bungie hosted the first of three streams about Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris. The story focuses on the character of Osiris who has been mentioned an abundant amount of times throughout Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. The Warlock Vanguard, Ikora, tasks your Guardian with assisting Osiris in stopping the dark future that the Vex are attempting to create.

The Lighthouse will be returning but not in the same fashion as Destiny 1, rather as a social space that will include Brother Vance. Formerly the Trials of Osiris vendor in Destiny 1, Brother Vance will be making an appearance as a vendor in the new Lighthouse. Not only will the Lighthouse be a social space, it will also be part of the new patrol area. You can seamlessly leave the Lighthouse via a portal and head to the surface of Mercury where you can go through the portal to the Infinite Forest. Additionally, the area outside of the Lighthouse will host what Bungie calls “the biggest public event yet.”


There were many assumptions about the Infinite Forest before this stream, with some even speculating that it would be procedurally generated. However, when Art Director Dave Matthews was asked if it was so, he responded “Absolutely not. This is lovingly crafted. Very intelligently assembled in a way that we can create new and unique experiences every time you come into the Infinite Forest.” Rather than a procedurally generated space, it will be a bunch of set pieces and enemy types being switched around in a random order to make each experience unique.


The new “raid activity” was revealed to be something called a “raid lair.” While they don’t explain what a raid lair is exactly, they describe the one being added with this DLC: “A raid lair is a brand new six player raid activity and in this raid lair we are going back to the Leviathan.” The raid lair was said to be located in an entirely new location on the ship with all new encounters and loot separate from the original Leviathan Raid. There will also be another new raid lair with Expansion 2.


With this expansion, Bungie also plans on raising the player level cap to 25 and raising the power level cap to 330(or 335 with mods). This relatively small power level increase may lead to people being maxed out very quickly, similarly as when the game first launched.


Since the release of the game, players have been complaining about the lack of endgame content to keep them hooked after everything has been completed. However, from what has been revealed, this expansion seems to be full of content that many players are excited to experience.

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