Madden 25 CPU & Player Skill Sliders Offer Realistic Gameplay

I have been playing Madden since 1990. I have suffered through good years and bad years but regardless of the fact, Madden has been a big part of my life playing video games. I’ve always been a solo franchise mode kind of player although the occasional competitive games against my brother or family members had their highlights in my life too. What I’ve always wanted from Madden was that sense of realism that makes you feel like you are playing an NFL game and an A.I. opponent that is equally competitive. I know it’s fun to blow out your opponents every game passing for 600 yards, running for 200 yards and scoring 85 points per game but after a while that can wear off and the game can get boring. Not to mention glitches in the game that actually hinder players from running past slower players for catches or long runs such as invisible force fields. Well this is where the new Madden Sliders come to play.

In my video below I describe the settings and sliders I use to best fit my style of gameplay and what I expect from a CPU opponent. The sliders I use also offer the best realistic gameplay without taking away any dynamics of the game itself. Now of course these sliders are not “God’s gift to Sliders” and they can be adjusted to suit your needs and skill level but for now, after playing Madden 25 since it’s release and tweaking them as I played, these sliders are the best I’ve come up with so far. The only adjustment I’ve made since the video was to move the Roughing The Passer penalty down to 47. Who knows though, I may adjust the sliders further down the road. I do hope these are helpful for you and you can experience some of the competitive gameplay I have while playing solo on my connected franchise mode.

Please let us know how your Madden 25 experience is so far and if these sliders were of any help to you to expand your Madden 25 gameplay. You can let us know in the comment section below.

Madden 25 Best Sliders – CPU and Player Sliders – Realistic Gameplay

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  1. chris says:

    Way too many roughing the passer calls. 6 in one game. And still 4:27 left. Also I am still shredding them pretty easily. Only when I try to get to a punt, do I actually have to.

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