EA gamescom Press Conference Overview

Miss any of EAs gamescom Press Conference or just want all of it in one place? Well we have you covered. We will be taking you through step by step on how the conference went and our thoughts on each part! Just click on the bold game title to be brought straight to the relevant article!

Need For Speed

Starting off, EA pulled out with the Need for Speed franchise and the new Need For Speed game. Showing off two different trailers, one with the five “Icons” off the game each representing one of the five ways to play and another trailer showing off the game itself. While no major announcements were made in terms of Need for Speed, anyone with their eye on the game or interested in racing games might want to check out the two videos.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

After need for speed came Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. While they like Need for Speed had no special announcements about the game, they released a very high action packed and story telling trailer that’s sure to have you all aboard the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hype train.

The Sims 4: Get Together

A slightly less expected announcement from EA was The Sims 4: Get Together expansion. An expansion that will allow at least some sort of Multiplayer in The Sims is for sure overdue. If even at the minimum being able to be evil to your friends Sims will make it worth it! Not to mention the dance party they threw on stage was pretty cool.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Next up came Plants Vs. Zombies as always the guys at PopCap working on Plants Vs. Zombies are awesome and like to make things fun! They announced Pre-orders will get you the Grass Effect (Mass effect crossover) N7-Mech armor for PvZ:GW2 but they also released gameplay of the new Plants on a new map Moon Base Z as well to some good music.


Unravel is for sure one of EAs hidden gems right now. While it’s gotten press conference time at both E3 and gamescom being a smaller and unknown franchise/developer hasn’t given it much spotlight on social networks. The studio behind it, Coldwood Interactive with Martin Sahlin on stage really showed the development team behind Unravel really just wants one thing… to tell the story of Yarny and the best game they can hands down. They even showed a live demo of Unravel that you can also watch in the article.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is likely the biggest and upcoming flagship game of EA at the moment and today they revealed the Fighter Squadron mode. It will be 10v10 in all kinds of Tie fighters, X-wings and even the Millennium Falcon. Also included in this mode will be 10 AI fighters on each team to liven up the battlefield and make it really seem like you’re in the movies. They released a trailer showing off this new mode, but also in this trailer make sure to pay attention to Sullust!


EA wrapped their gamescom presentation using one of their most popular if not most popular sports titles, FIFA 16. Two videos were released, one showing off the Ultimate Team FUT Draft featuring Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher disagreeing on what squad to pick (So would you and any of your friends!) another celebrating a new season of FIFA.

In the end, EA did have a strong gamescom conference, while no big announcements were made this conference shows all of the announcements that were made at E3 and expands upon them showing off more and more features of each game really ended up just strengthening the titles announced/brought up at E3 instead of adding a new title or two.

If you wish to watch the whole EA gamescom conference yourself. The Twitch VOD is up and you can check it out HERE.

Video of the day

Madden 16 Gameplay!