Battlefield: Hardline leaked

Looks like the new Battlefield by Visceral Games is pretty much all but officially confirmed (Likely officially at E3). However a bunch of information has been leaked.

Factions: SWAT, Thieves (“LW and “CR”)

Police or SWAT Team badge

Police or SWAT Team badge

Thieves Team badge

Thieves Team badge

Classes: Enforcer, Mastermind, Technician and, Professional. The icons look very… Familiar.


New game modes: Heist,  Blood Money and, Turf War (Conquest)

Medals or Awards you can earn, likely the same as BF4 in terms of earning for the weapon types and game modes.



Medals earnable

Some of the weapons and attachments, lets hope not all.

The icons for weapon attachments and vehicles likely for the most part use in Battlelog.

Some of the Vehicle unlocks, look like mostly similar to Battlefield 4 and previous installments if tuned down a bit with no tanks (yet).

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