Apotheon Trailer

A new trailer for Apotheon has been released. Apotheon is a action/stealth, 2D sidescroller RPG set in ancient Greece and the open world of Mount Olympus. It has both single player and multiplayer components and is being devoloped for PC by Alientrap Games, the same guys that brought you the fast paced 2D platformer Capsized. Apotheon is now available for pre-order at 33% off regular price and includes a free copy of Capsized.

For now, in the words of Alexander the Great, I would rather excel others in the knowledge of this excellent… trailer, than in the extent of my powers, of, writing… anything else. Or something like that, sorry I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy!


Totalbiscuit and Alientrap Games dev, Jesse McGibney discuss and play Apotheon (PAX East 2013).

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