E3 2012: Razer’s Shows off Two Unique Products

My visit with Razer at E3 was memorable. I got to see some products from the past and present and possibly the future. Lets start off with the headset they showed off, the Razer BlackShark.

This headset is really cool because of the look. Might look like a unique design but it really is a replica of the military grade headset used in helicopters, flight deck and more. This give you more of a real experience when you have these headsets on and are on the battlefield. They come with a detachable mic, an exclusive Battlefield 3 design, and for you dog tag collectors they give you an exclusive Razer Serpent Dog Tag for PC.

The headset feels like what the real one does bringing more authenticity to this product. If you a Battlefield 3 fan, this headset should be on your radar.

The next product is the Razer Artemis, this is a concept but seems to be solid. With the recent return of ‘Mech’ games, this product is something some might actually consider to get a better experience and possibly have an upper hand.

This layout is unique because of the one joy-stick to the right and the key pad to the left. The concept of having a screen with data from the game you are playing is also a great concept. Now this is just a concept.

Since this is concept no one know what the final product will come out like, if it does at all but with the recent emergence of ‘Mech’ games, I would think the opportunity is there to give that community something unique and give them that extra feel of being inside of a machine itself. And if this holds true to the concept with the screen, it could very well be the product of choice for this community.

Overall Razer had the best concept in the show and deserve that award.

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