Realms of Ancient War R.A.W review

Jumping into some xbox arcade games? You’ll find R.A.W (Realms of Ancient War) lurking in there. This is a hack and slash RPG, you can choose to play as a Sorcerer, a Rouge, or a Warrior to battle a dark mysterious army across 3 lands. This over head RPG lacks personal contact and detail with your character. The maps are nicely colored and detailed. Unfortunately the action is singular and lacking excitement, you’ll find yourself using a single button attack or running around while you wait for stronger attacks to rejuvenate. The leveling system is tasteless as it doesn’t change combat one bit, You’re left feeling like there is no progression.

The developers of R.A.W concentrated on enemies and I don’t mean by styling them. They put a concentrated amount of enemies on the screen at almost all times. It’s challenging and times and other times it downright overwhelming. There are quite a few bosses throughout the game although they bring little challenge or excitement as they are to slow to get the best of you one on one. Overall I gave this game a 5 out of 10 seeing that this game is completely DLC for Xbox Arcade, Sony PSN, or a Computer Digital Service.



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