Razer Shows off Cool Modular Gaming PC

So at the CES 2014 event, Razer announced it’s newest project for the PC Gaming world. The Gaming PC titled “Project Christine” is a Modular Gaming PC with no case. I know that sounds strange and believe me at first glance it looks strange but how could this work? There are no fans and an exposed motherboard? So Razer has been said to have been working on this project for two years now with hopes of eliminating one of the main prohibitive aspects of pc gaming which is installing new components. Every compatible component that can be connected to “Project Christine” must be encased and have a water cooling module. From the looks of it, water cooling cases will be available through Razer and components will be bought separately. Project Christine will allow you to plug in any optical drive, extra storage, GPU, or CPU, each of which is encased in a proprietary, water-cooled module. All parts will plug into the PCI-express, SLI enabled “backbone.” Need a better graphics card? simply buy a new module and exchange or add it to your existing one. That does sound convenient, and ideally it’s a foolproof system which makes upgrades quick and easy. With no fans or cables, “Project Christine” is supposedly very quiet and a LCD touch screen displays control and maintenance information. The price of this machine is still yet to be determined but considering the name brand and its features I would definitely think it will be significantly above Alienware prices.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think of Razer’s new Modular Gaming PC and if you would buy it if and when it released.

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