PSN version of GTA V also experiencing graphical issues

The downloadable PSN version of Grand Theft Auto V appears to possess graphical/glitching issues similar to the problems that were reported with the Xbox 360 release when the game’s play disc is installed.

Frame-rate, texture, and pop-up issues are immediately noticeable. An EU PSN player named ‘Hamburglar’ reports that:

It looks like an early PS3 game. Textures are pretty much non existent and shadows are visible at more than 10′.

RDR [Read Dead Redemption] looks miles better than this.

There is a workaround on the Xbox 360, but PS3 players who have purchased the PSN edition are stuck with the issues for now.

Is your PSN download of GTAV suffering from a similar fate? Is it stopping you from playing? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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