PlayStation 4.00 update adds Folders, Trophy improvements and more

Sony have today announced details on the next major PlayStation 4 update which is due to roll out to beta users very soon. The update brings new and improves features such as a refreshed and faster UI, the ability to view Trophies offline and the option to sort games and apps into folders.

Here’s a rundown on some of the announced features:

  • Now faster and easier to use, the Quick Menu also adds the online status of friends as well as shortcuts to Party, Favourite Groups, Communities and more. The menu will now only cover a portion of the screen and users are able to customize what is shown.
  • The Share Menu now only covers a portion of the screen and will save the local social network used to share clips or screenshots. The length of uploads to Twitter has also been increased, from 10 seconds to 140.
  • An improved Folders and Library organization has been a constant request from the community. Users can now sort games and apps into specific folders while a Purchased section has been added to the Library, showcasing all content owned.
  • Players can now view Trophies in an “offline mode” when disconnected from the internet, a new optional button will display the name and info of Hidden Trophies, and Trophy icons have been changed to better reflect their rarity.
  • The User Profile has been updated to make it easier to see relevant info at-a-glance, such as a Trophy progress comparison. Users can also now change their profile’s background image, such as that of a game screenshot.

Here are some screenshots courtesy of PlayStation Japan…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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