Microtransactions coming to GTAV?

Evidence discovered by a Reddit user suggests that some form of microtransactions may be coming to Rockstar’s record-setting open world adventure.

Tucked inside Grand Theft Auto V’s store section in the game’s menu are four different “Cash Cards” included in one of the store’s XML files. These packs range between $100,000 and $1,250,000 and appear to be for GTA Online which is launching in exactly one week on Oct. 1st.

A description of the Cash Cards reads:

Cash is king in this town. Solve your money problems and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting.

Now just because this is in a file or a piece of code means nothing significant on its own. Rockstar has not announced any such plans for GTA Online and this could serve as a testing function, a virtual sweepstakes, or a number of other possibilities including nothing at all. That said, microtransactions seem to be a growing trend in the industry and it wouldn’t be unimaginable for Rockstar to want to generate a little extra revenue through its ambitious multiplayer offering — though one could argue they hardly need it.

I personally don’t have a problem with potentially having some microtransactions in GTA Online. Most would agree we’ve already gotten more than our money’s worth with the singleplayer alone, so as long as it’s a balanced implementation I don’t think this should be anything to get too worked up over.

But what about you? Hate microtransactions no matter what? Excited for GTA Online? Not even halfway done with the SP like me? Share your thoughts below in the comments!


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