Max Payne 3 Pre-Order Incentives

First up is the Cemetery Multiplayer Map, which is also available to pre-order from GameStop in North America. In Europe, you can get it from GameStop too and it’s available from Gamestation in the UK. Here’s a picture of the map:

The second pre-order bonus up for grabs is the Silent Killer Multiplayer Loadout Pack, which gives you the Light Anti-Tank Weapon, Listening Device to amplify your hearing during battle, and the Slippery Character Burst ability for escaping from sticky situations unscathed. You can get the loadout pack from Tesco in the UK, GAME in Australia and Amazon and Fnac in Germany and Spain respectively. Hopefully this comes to the US as this look like a fun load out with the listening device and slippery character burst ability. Here is the picture of the load out preview:

nd the final multiplayer pre-order incentive is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll get a code for the first paid multiplayer DLC pack for free when it drops. Although there is no news on what the DLC will have and how much it will cost in the future, it is a nice pick up for a pre-order. You can snap up this pre-order bonus from Play in the UK, EB Games in Australia.

Hopefully the US can get some good pre-order incentives like above, I would imagine the retailers will probably be ebgames, best buy and possibly wal-mart or target.

Tune in for more news once it is released.

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