Holiday Shopping List

The holidays are here and we have a list of games and peripherals that deserve some love and attention this holiday season. Grab one two or all of them if you can afford it!


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty By Blizzard
Genre: Real-Time Stratagy
Available on: PC/Mac

Starcraft II the biggest name in the RTS E-sports scene with tournaments happening what seems like daily and pro players and teams from all over it’s a popular game to not only play but to watch. Featuring 3 races and a very competitive ladder can you climb the ranks to the top? Not only is the game updated for ladder balance by Blizzard player made maps that can pretty much do anything even turn this game into a FPS in some cases. With the Heart of the Swarm expansion coming out soon get ready before launch with Wings of Liberty.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria By Blizzard
Available on: PC/Mac
Evil Source Gaming: Review

The biggest MMORPG out on the market celebrating its 8th anniversary recently is still going strong with its new expansion pack Mists of Pandaria. Adding in new classes, races, levels, dungeons and raids along with new features such as Scenario’s and Pet Battles allow more choice in how you play than ever. With consistent content updates and enough gameplay to last months in-game time its a game worth looking at if you need a game to stick with for a while.

The Walking Dead By Telltale Games
Genre: Point-and-Click, Adventure, Horror
Available on: Xbox 360/Ps3/PC&Mac/iOS

Just as the world is devastated by zombies you get to experience the beginning of The Walking Dead world. Follow Lee Everett, a convicted criminal as he tries to survive the new zombie infested world. Meet up with Clementine a little girl who anyone who has played this game will tell you has stolen their heart. With all 5 episodes now out (A new Day, Starved for Help, Long Road Ahead, Around Every Corner, No Time Left) you will have tons of tough decisions to make. A must buy for this holiday especially for only $24.99 USD or cheaper if you can find it on sale during the season.

Halo 4 By 343 Industries
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Available on: Xbox 360

Halo 4, the 5th edition to the Halo franchise adding new story and new races to the mix. It comes in at arguably the best Halo entry since the first with an amazing single-player story and a fierce multi-player experience. Play again as the Master Chief and do what he does best… kick some Covenant and Promethean ass and save humanity again! A must get if you’re looking for a new FPS for the holiday season.

Madden NFL 13
By EA Sports
Genre: Sports
Available on: Xbox 360/Ps3/Wii/WiiU/PSVita
Evil Source Gaming: Review

Madden NFL 13 brings you all the football needs you could have this year. Along with a new engine Madden 13 comes with modes like Connected Careers and Madden Ultimate Team it should keep you with football all year around with no waiting around for football season. With things like Connected Careers and more, this will keep any Football fan entertained between actual NFL games.


Elgato Game Capture HD
By Elgato
For: Recording game console gameplay to a Mac or PC
Evil Source Gaming: Review

Top of the line Game Capture device for your Ps3 or Xbox 360. Allowing full 1080 live-streaming as well as recording for videos. No more bundles of component cables are necessary only need a HDMI, a USB on your computer and, a power outlet to record. With amazing software that is constantly updated and has features like Flashback Recording you will never miss a once in a lifetime shot that you forgot to hit record on. If you’re looking to record your Console games there’s no reason not to get an Elgato Game Capture HD.

Astro A40/A50 By Astro
For:Headsets for PC/Xbox360/Ps3

Astro Gaming is known for their quality headsets including the A40 and A50 being the best. The A50 being a wireless headset with a built-in Mixamp you are able to talk and hear with extreme quality on your Xbox360, Ps3 and, PC with no additions. The A40 with an optional Mixamp is a high quality headset as well with the capability with the mixamp to connect to your Console systems as well as your PC. If you are looking for a headset for this holiday season an Astro A40 or A50 is your best bet.

Scuf Gaming Controllers By Scuf Gaming
For: A gamer who needs a gamer controller.

These controllers are hand-made with tons of features that give you a better feel and advantage some of these features are:

Get the advantage – Master Claw Technique without breaking your fingers

Back Paddles – Available ONLY at Scuf Gaming, these are 2 paddles on the reverse of the controller that can mimic any 2 of the face buttons! This enables you to utilize 50% more of your hand in an ergonomic and natural way.

Adjustable Hair Triggers – Another ONLY at Scuf Gaming design feature, weapon fire becomes far more responsive, with each shot requiring just a tap. Every weapon becomes more deadly and the triggers can be fully adjusted to suit every type of player and game.

Trigger Stops (XBOX) – Designed to prevent any unnecessary trigger movement after the shot/ aim has been initiated. Trigger stops save those precious split seconds and are another must have feature for hard-core shooter gamers.

Hyper Sensitive Triggers (PS3) – Almost every Game requires you to depress the triggers a considerable amount before you actually initiate that movement. The SCUF PS allows you to initiate a reaction immediately which reduces your reaction time considerably. Even if you have quicker reactions than your opponents, you will be hindered by hardware limitations. Our system means that your quickness becomes your ally. Your skill will win or lose you battles, and not your controller.
No Slow Turn – All SCUF Controllers come with a NO SLOW TURN GUARANTEE!

The Domed Sticks – Custom select either concave or domed shaped right and left sticks to add precision to your gameplay.

SCUF Grip – Optional military grade anti-slip Grip Paint applied to the underside of the SCUF controller. The Grip is particularly useful if your hands get hot in game play!

Rotating D-PAD – Available with some SCUF Controllers, we offer the option of the MicroSoft Rotating D-Pad. This Dpad rotated when you turn it so you can have 2 different setting. We offer this option on The Radioactive Zombie (Wired and Wireless) and it is included with the SCUF DareDeVL.

FPSFreek By KontrolFreek
For: Pinpoint accuracy with your Xbox360 or Ps3 controllers.
Evil Source Gaming: Review

KontrolFreek offers affordable customization options to your controller. Known for their FPSFreek line of joystick attachments for your Ps3 and Xbox 360 gamepad. Not only offering attachments for FPS games they also others for almost any genre of game! With Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 just arriving you need every advantage you can get and KontrolFreek opens up that option for everyone.

Sensei By Steelseries
For: Gamers who need a gaming mouse.

Steelseries Sensei is one of the strongest and most customizable mice on the market today. Allowing up to 11,400 DCPI while the mouse itself only weighs in at less than 1/4 of a pound. With multiple versions of this mouse available you have choices on what type of surface you want along with how you want it to look. A mouse for any serious gamer able to preform where others might not be able to get you that one last shot you need to win. For those who need a new mouse this holiday season this is your best bet.

If you guys think anything else should be added to this list, let us know and if we seem it fitting it will be added!


Founder of ESG. Currently Sr. Partnerships Manager at Elgato Gaming. Known for YT and influence in the gaming industry.

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