Black Ops 3 ‘Ramses Station’ Co-op Campaign Gameplay expected at E3

As spotted on Reddit, it appears that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 website was momentarily updated with a new video link. While the link went to an error page, the text described it as a campaign playthrough. More specifically, it describes the video as a glimpse into the co-op campaign on the Ramses Station level. Of course this could be a simple mistake, but it seems likely that co-op gameplay will be revealed at E3 next week at a press conference before the on-demand video is put online.

Anyone who’s followed Call of Duty closely over the years will know that this isn’t really anything unexpected. For a long time, Activision has debuted Call of Duty campaign gameplay at Microsoft’s press conferences. It would be no surprise to see campaign gameplay debuted this year also, and given that co-op play is a big new feature that they’re pushing, it seems an ideal way to premiere gameplay with the added co-op functionality.

It seems that the level shown will be ‘Ramses Station’, a real-life railway station in Cairo, Egypt. The first previews for the game described the level as locating key assets in order to retrieve some important information on lost members of the team. Players are tossed into battle amidst a war-torn Cairo using weaponry and drones to defeat enemy forces (including enemy robots), and the level ends with a huge explosion. All in all, it sounds like a textbook Call of Duty level and will be an ideal way of introducing Black Ops 3’s gameplay.

The big news, of course, will be where the gameplay debuts. Call of Duty has continuously appeared at Microsoft’s press conferences as part of their partnership with Activision. However, speculation has hinted that the partnership no longer exists, leaving many to deduce that the timed-exclusive DLC now belongs to Sony. If Call of Duty doesn’t appear with Microsoft on Monday morning, it would certainly add fuel to the fire.

It’s likely that we won’t just get a single campaign demo throughout the week. It’s certain that there will be plenty of interviews, previews and hands-on impressions. It’s also probable that we’ll get a new set of screenshots. Activision has also always gone big on the Call of Duty E3 booth, so it’s possible we’ll get a panoramic look at the game again. We know that attendees will be able to go hands-on with the game’s multiplayer, but it’s still uncertain whether any new information or footage will surface with that. This year’s E3 isn’t the first time that multiplayer has appeared at E3, with leaked images surfacing at E3 2012 when select members of the press when hands-on behind closed doors.

It’s going to be a great week for all sorts of gaming news. Stay tuned!

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