Eve Dust 514 Beta Impressions

In Dust 514 You are an Immortal Mercenary battling in the Eve Universe. It is a playstation exclusive, free to play multiplayer, First Person Shooter. The game plays as well as any other FPS on the market. I was impressed with the customization that this game offers. There are millions of possibilities and variations to what you can do to improve your mercenary.

Obviously being a free to play game on the PS3 makes this game a win for all PS3 users. If you Want a look at the game play check out the video with additional thoughts on the game and a look at both Skirmish and Ambush game types.

From Tuesday, 21st August through Tuesday, 4th September, all PlayStationPlus members will be able to join the DUST 514 beta. Read more about the Open Beta here.


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