What is Dynasty League Gaming?

A new and upcoming site has emerged for the gaming sport fans that have been waiting for something solid for those seeking a league that will stay together for a long period of time rather than just having sore looser quit or other people lose interest due to another game taking up all their gaming time and never doing matches.Dynasty League Gaming is your answer to this grievance held by sports gamers world-wide.

The Guys at DLG joined us for some quick questions about their up and coming site and what it has to offer for all you gamers.

What is Dynasty League Gaming & how did it come about?


Dynasty League Gaming a free league gaming network dedicated to connecting active gamers and elite commissioners together through community building, competition and recognition. DLG was created out of a love and passion for organized league gaming. We realized that there was no place where you could go to connect, compete and build community with other professional league gamers so we created DLG to be an all-encompassing network, specifically focused on league gaming. is a structured environment where passionate, skilled and dedicated gamers can stay immersed in their sports gaming universe beyond just their XBOX 360 or PS3 consoles.


What features do I get on Dynasty League Gaming?


DLG offers a wide variety of features built to enhance the league gaming experience. Dynasty League Gaming is a community-centric platform first and foremost where it’s all about you and the community you’ve built. We have created an environment where hardcore and novice league gamers alike can come and build their own communities and networks. DLG is a place where dedicated gamers compete, socialize and talk good ole’ fashion trash inside and outside of their own communities and leagues. We provide the structure, accountability and tools while you just do what you love to do.


Some of the features we offer include the following:


•           Professional Community:

Come join a network of professional league gaming communities that are just as dedicated and active as you. DLG is THE sports gaming community for ALL sports gaming communities.


•           DLGtv:

Bring your league gaming community to life on DLGtv. With community driven video content and highlights there’s no better place to put your skills on display for the world to see.


•           DLG LiveWire:

Get the latest community articles, video highlights and industry insight from sports gaming experts and community members alike on DLG’s LiveWire.


•           Certified Commissioners and Communities:

DLG’s Certified Commissioner program is only for the cream of the crop. Do you have what it takes to be DLG Certifed?


•           Member Rewards Contest:

DLG rewards a Commissioner of the Month and a Member of the Month… Every month.


•           League Management Tools:

Manage your league with ease and efficiency. Sportsmanship, commissioner and league member ratings finally allow you to separate the in-active from the truly dedicated.


•           Community Building Tools:

Don’t have a community yet? Build one on DLG with your own custom forums, private chatrooms, league management tools and network full of active sports gamers.


All of these features come with your FREE membership at


How do you see DLG and league gaming evolving together in the future?

Dynasty League Gaming is professionalizing league gaming in an effort to create accountability structure and access for league gamers of all types. We’re all about creating a venue where Elite Commissioners and Communities can thrive and earn rewards using the latest and greatest league gaming tools and technology. We see league gaming and DLG evolving in unison, as our goal is to enhance and create an ever-evolving structure for the countless professional league gaming communities out there.



What is to be expected from the DLG & League Manager Merger?


Great question. We are very excited about LM joining DLG to create the ultimate gaming experience. Our vision together with Derek is to create an all encompassing league gaming network. We want to bring a dynamic of connectivity to the gaming world that has been missing for many years. Our vision is to provide a network that connects gamers together, provides dynamic league control, automated stat syncing, customization, user control and community accountability across multiple console sport gaming titles. We want to help put organized league gaming on the map and take it to a level never before seen.


What’s the advantage to building my community on DLG?


The advantage to building your community on DLG is the access you get to both the tools and community that will help provide your league with structure.  No technical expertise or web development skills are needed in order to get your league setup and connected via robust chatrooms, custom forums and a specialized league hub. Building your community with DLG also allows you to tap into a vast network of like-minded league gamers who can help you and your community grow through collaboration and player pools. Everyone in our community is dedicated to league gaming and has a proven track record of helping to create the experience we all desire from our favorite sports games.


Do I already have to have a community built before coming to DLG?


No, and we actual encourage gamers who have always wanted to create their own community but felt overwhelmed by the process to give DLG a shot. We provide all the tools needed to help you build a community without a huge investment of initial time. Through the process of building your community we have experts in the league gaming world who can help you along the way by providing tips for successfully running a league and recruiting quality talent.  We are in constant development to bring you more tools to add to your repertoire as a league commissioner.


If I have my own community website can I still use DLG?


Absolutely!  It isn’t our goal to replace existing communities but to work in harmony by providing a connected network of this niche in the gaming world. There are so many great leagues and communities out there with silo sites providing an incredibly rich experience to their league members.  Many times, these communities aren’t discoverable unless you are “in the know”.  We want to help you grow your community by connecting you to a vast network of guys looking to get involved in league gaming and the veterans who can help those looking to be apart of this incredible social experience in sports gaming.


So there’s the over view on the new site. I think it something that will surpass the current outlets for sports gaming if done correctly. The majority of other sites are not as appealing to new comers or has no structure just matches against one another randomly and tends to lack to competitiveness with stats and a community that is involved. So if you’re a sports fan or someone who just needs some competitive friends to play with head over to

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