Titanfall – Composer Announced

After reading through some tweets from Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Respawn Entertainment, I noticed a tweet in particular with a link attached to it. After further investigation I found that link led to none other than composer – Stephen Barton . It looks like he is the composer for Titanfall. A fitting selection as he was the composer on Call of Duty Modern Warfare which was Vince Zampela’s “claim to fame” so to speak. Barton’s work ranges from video games, feature films, television and short films. If you remember the mission ” All Ghillied Up ” from Modern Warfare and remember the chilling sounds while trying to move silently through enemy terrain in a ghillie suit then you know Barton’s work. I am very excited to hear what Barton brings to the table and how well his music blends in with multiplayer gameplay for Titanfall. I am very pleased to see Respawn go back to their roots while they were with the original Infinity Ward to make Titanfall not just an action packed game, but an ear pleasing musical experience as well.

Stephen Barton


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