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The new Playstation app is scheduled to launch alongside the PS4 later this year.  The app basically allows you to take your PS gaming experience anywhere, as opposed to only being connected while sitting in front of the console itself.  You can view friend activity, check trophies, watch live streams and check PS news.  The gaming experience is truly evolving before our eyes and turning the page unto a social network chapter.  For many people this may be exactly what is needed to feel more connected with the Playstation network.  Personally I know quite a few people who shy away from becoming more connected within gaming communities due to the wonky feel of the console networking experience, and need something like this to really bridge the gap.  Although it is a longshot, it’s possible that this could replace the billion other mediums of social networking available right now for the hardcore gamers.  Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Myspace (lol, that one was more of a joke).  Each one of those has its own purpose in the world of the interweb, but who’s to say the PS app won’t evolve to suit the desires of the gamers who use those very sites and even replace the need for them?  The future of gaming is here, and it’s looking pretty good.  Leave your thoughts below!

Source: Playstation Blog

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