No DLC’s for NFL Blitz

After I had reviewed the game I got a chance to ask David Ross, Producer and Yuri Bialoskursky, Designer some quick questions which are found below.

What is the one main thing you want people to remember from NFL Blitz? This is a faithful recreation of the arcade classic. 7vs.7 gameplay, 1st & 30, guys catching on fire, big hits, no penalties.

What is your favorite part of remaking this classic arcade game? Our attention to bringing the fast-paced NFL Blitz style of gameplay to life was our primary focus. It has been exciting to witness the game come together and we continue to enjoy playing our game. A close second is making sure we offered plenty of online options for competitive gaming. NFL Blitz is best enjoyed when you are playing against someone else.

Will their be DLC’s in the future with maybe more playable characters or more things for elite store? At this time, we do not have any DLC plans.

End of Questions.

I did try asking about fixes for Tebow/Vick or roster updates. They do not have an answer for that and once their is an answer we will keep you updated. So hopefully we hear some news about updates from them.


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