MW3: U Mad Bro? Easter Egg (Unlock Tutorial How To Setup Tips Tricks Inside)

Thanks to youtuber chaosxsilencer from Yeousch, you can now know how to do the Easter egg on Liberation.

Step by Step
Load out
You need Type 95 Gold Hybrid Scope
Dual FMG
Tactical Insertion

Step 1

Plant C4 in George Washington crotch area

Step 2

Move First hotdog from first stand by knifing

Step 3

Move Second hotdog on other hotdog stand

Step 4

Get into trash can near hotdog stand and plant your tactical insertion

Step 5

go to Gazebo face towards George Washington then set off C4 and in post in front of you should be ‘U Mad Bro?’ Etched.

Of course you could skip all the steps and just go to the last one and see if it is already there. 😉

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