Killzone: Shadow Fall – Assault class detailed

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer features three distinct character classes: the Assault class, the Scout class and the Support class. Today Guerrilla gives us an expanded look at how the Assault class functions including its secondary abilities and weapons:

Assault players the offensive backbone of the team, engaging in head-on battle and overcoming their opponents with overwhelming power. 5 weapons are at their disposal including SMGs, Assualt Rifles, and a Light Machingun. The assault class also has unique and invaluable defensive options as well — the primary ability of the Assault Class is the Nano Shield, which allows players to deploy a temporary energy screen that blocks enemy attacks while letting allied projectiles through.

In addition to the primary Nano Shield ability, Assault players can choose one of three secondary abilities:

Speed Dash
The Speed Dash ability lets Assault players move faster for a short amount of time. It is very useful for seizing the initiative during mission modes where speed is of the essence, such as Search & Destroy. It can also be used to beat a hasty retreat when ammo supplies and health run low.

Stun Blast
The Stun Blast ability temporarily stuns and blinds nearby enemies, making them easier to target. It is ideal for quickly turning the tables when faced with a particularly resilient opponent, or for situations where enemies are attacking from multiple directions.

Buddy Drone
The Buddy Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that automatically attacks nearby enemies. As such, it works as an effective counter against impending brutal melee attacks. The Buddy Drone can be customized with skins.

Assault players who master their primary and secondary abilities are formidable opponents in combat, but like all classes their abilities do have counters – a well placed E-Pulse attack can be devastating against a deployed Nano Shield or Buddy Droid. Still, it’s better to avoid direct encounters with Assault players where possible, so learn to recognize their Helghast and VSA incarnations using the diagram and the screenshots below:

This Assault class looks solid, I imagine that this will be the choice of most players and a great all-around class.

So far I’m loving everything about this game’s multiplayer. The ability to fully customize your weapons is a welcome first in the series, and the simplification of the classes down to 3 is great quality-over-quantity approach as well. Balancing is no easy task, so I hope the secondary abilities aren’t too good like with Killzone 3 (Marksman and Infiltrator ftw). Though even if something is blatantly overpowered at launch, players can just make their own gametype without the offending elements in them — which alone is an awesome tool with broad applications (eSports!).

Like what you see with the Assault class? Think this will be your main pick? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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