Heroes of the Storm – Medic Hero announced & New skins!

During todays stream at gamescom Blizzard announced the Medic from Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft 2! She was teased as being a “single target healer who can use grenades to disrupt the battlefield” and will be having one of her heroic abilities being a Medivac that will be allowed to pick up other friendly heroes and move cross map (with a cool unique UI)!

Along with the Medic hero from Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft 2 announcement, Blizzard also released a trailer showing off a bunch of new in development skins as well as showing off the recently announced Rexxar and Kharazim skins!

Skins & Mounts shown:
Master Kharazim
Jade Dragon Kharazim
Rexxar & Misha
Master Rexxar & Misha
Frostlord Rexxar & Misha
Earthbreaker Thrall
Sgt. Doomhammer (Iron Horde themed Sgt. Hammer)
Judgement Uther
Prisoner Tychus
Blackheart’s Doubloon (Disc like mount)
Malthael’s Phantom (YES!)
Treasure Goblin (Mount)
Judgement Charger (Mount)

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