Heavy Rain Originally Turned down by Microsoft

Heavy Rain, the very popular PS3 exclusive game developed by Quantic Dream that made it’s debut in 2010, was apparently turned down by Microsoft. In an article written from Polygon, Quantic Dream founder David Cage revealed Microsoft’s reluctant attitude towards Heavy Rain’s game because of the child kidnapping involved during the BAFTA Games Lecture. Microsoft initially aimed to work with the French studio after the release of Fahrenheit, Quantic Dream’s earlier interactive drama launched in 2005. “They really loved Fahrenheit,” said Cage, “and they really wanted to do something with us.” Despite interest in the studio, Cage states Microsoft “got scared” over the subject matter of the game which revolves around the kidnapping of a child. “They didn’t want the scandal,” said Cage.

“Microsoft is a great company, I’m not complaining or criticizing,” he added, stating both companies had different visions of what they wanted to achieve with Heavy Rain. Describing the experience, Cage said, “it was like, you know, we really can’t work together.” Quantic Dream then worked closely with Sony leading to the PS3 exclusivity of Heavy Rain. The relationship is obviously in good standing with Quantic Dreams releasing Beyond: Two Souls starring actress Ellen Page coming out in October and plans of PS4 titles in the future. I don’t remember Heavy Rain as being a controversial title. I recall it being an emotionally great experience which made you the focus in a movie and gave you the choice to do what would become the fate of the game. It was an amazing experience to play and one that I recommend to anyone. I think Microsoft may have judged wrong on this one.

Let me know what you think in the comments. If you played the game and enjoyed it or not and if you think Microsoft may have made a mistake by not taking in the Quantic Dream title.

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